Marissa, Sarah, and Averill discuss veterans benefits and a history of federal support for U.S. veterans.

The History Buffs Producers thank our nation’s veterans for their service!


Show Notes & Further Reading:

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Disability, Responsibility, and the Veteran Pension Paradox

Office of Public Affairs: History of Veterans Day

Highlights of the Veterans Access Choice and Accountability Act 2014

Native American Veterans

Conference Focuses on Services to Native Veterans and Ways for Improvement

Examining Access and Quality of Care for Women Veterans

Image: World War I-era photographs shows crowds filling streets surrounding City Hall in celebration of Armistice Day, November 11, 1918. Photograph shows replica Statue of Liberty, which was unveiled on April 6, 1918 during the Third Liberty Loan drive. Library Company of Philadelphia. Accession Number: 7066.Q.34

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