Dr. Jonathan Dewald, University at Buffalo

Tommy and Marissa interview Jonathan Dewald, a historian, blogger, and Distinguished Professor at the University at Buffalo, about his highly anticipated new book, Status, Power and Identity in Early Modern France: The Rohan Family, 1550-1715. The result is a fascinating discussion about the Rohan family, which lived across eras that historians understand as vastly different. What can one family teach us about change over time?


Henri duc de Rohan | Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons

Show Notes and Further Reading

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You can find Dr. Dewald’s blog here, and you can purchase his new book through Pennsylvania State University Press and other book sellers.

Background Music: “Vivaldi’s Concerto in C Major for Oboe and Orchestra Andante,” performed by Advent Chamber Orchestra. Public domain from the Free Music Archive.

Feature Image: Image from Henri duc de Rohan, Memoires of the Duke of Rohan, Gabriel Bedell and Thomas Collins, 1660.Public Domain.


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