We’ve been teaching with our own podcasts since, well, we started podcasting! Since part of our mission is to create this podcast as an open-access teaching resource, our goal is to build up a real library of sources to help make our podcasts useful to educators. We’ve been sharing some of the general ways we podcasts in the classroom on our Podcasts + page. Here you’ll find more detailed lesson plans, including those ideal for high school or college World, American, and European history classes. At the bottom of this page, and at the side of every page, you’ll also see the “tag cloud” that we created to help you find episodes by topic, time period, and region. If there’s a specific tag you’d like to see pop up, send us an email at hello [at] digpodcast [dot] org!

Lesson Plans:

World History

Lesson Plan: Malintzin, translator and intermediary for Cortés and indigenous South American populations

Lesson Plan: Cabeza de Vaca stumbles through the Southwest

Lesson Plan: Victorian Imperialism and Travel of the African Continent

    U.S. History

    Lesson Plan: Abolition in the United States, A Debate

    Lesson Plan: Racial Violence and Lynching in the U.S. 

    Lesson Plan: Aunt Jemima and Everyday Racism

    Lesson Plan: Labor and the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire 

    Lesson Plan: Rosa Parks, Myth and Memory in the Civil Rights Movement

    Lesson Plan: Tituba: The “Black Witch” of Salem

    Lesson Plan: The War of 1812 & the Burning of Buffalo

    Lesson Plan: Race, Politics, and Chaos in the Capitol: The Election of 1876

    Lesson Plan: Race in 1920s America: Hellfighters, Red Summer, and Restrictive Immigration