The War of 1812 and The Burning of Buffalo

Subject / Content area: US History

Unit of Study: Building a Nation – Early Republic  

Length: 1 class period

Central Focus for the learning segment: Students will get an overview of the War of 1812, especially its causes and effects, and specific emphasis on the Burning of Buffalo.
Discussion Questions: What were the primary causes of the War of 1812?Why did the Burning of Buffalo happen the way it did?What do some of the primary source accounts from the podcast say about the event? How did the war work out for the Native Americans? The British? The Americans?  
Class-wide Learning Objective(s): Students will be able to identify causes and effects of the War of 1812 Students will be able to connect the reasons for why the Burning of Buffalo happenedStudents will be able to understand the effects of the War of 1812 for the British, the Americans, and the Native Americans  
Instructional Resources and Materials to engage students in learning: Students will be given the following resources/materials: reading for students (optional): Washington in Ruins ( Organizer Worksheet .docx  
Instructional Strategies and Learning Tasks that support diverse student needs. (What teacher and students will be doing.):   *Students will have already listened to the podcast prior to coming to class*   What teacher will be doing: Teacher will make sure students answer the comprehension questions of the podcast. Teacher will facilitate class discussion in which students will share their answers for the discussion questions. Teacher will transition students into their next task which is for them to fill in a graphic organizer on the causes and effects of the War of 1812. Teacher will make sure students are also answering the two analysis questions below the graphic organizer. Teacher will then go over the two questions with the students. After, teacher will briefly discuss the three pictures included within the worksheet that depict the Burning of Buffalo and will recap the event. Teacher will transition to the last activity where students are writing a short essay using their new knowledge.   What students will be doing: Students will first answer the discussion questions on their own based off the podcast they were asked to watch before class. Students will participate in the class discussion on the discussion questions. Students will transition to completing the graphic organizer and analysis questions below the filled in graphic organizer. Once done with that, students will listen along as the teacher discusses the three images on the worksheet and the Burning of Buffalo. Students will finish by writing a short essay at the end of their worksheet in which they will answer the prompt included.  
Type of Student Assessments and what is being assessed: Informal Assessment: Class Discussion and Graphic Organizer Students are being assessed on their ability to identify and explain key elements of the War of 1812 including its causes, key events, and effects on those involved. Formal Assessment: Summative assessment: Short Essay Students are writing a short essay in which they will be assessed on their ability to provide evidence to support their claims and their comprehension of the class material  
Lesson Timeline: 1 class period

Lesson plan designed by Michael Bilby, MA student, SUNY Brockport