Red Power Progressivism: A Biography of American Indian Rights Activist Zitkala Ša

In 1923, Zitkala-Ša, a Dakota woman, wrote an unpublished essay titled “Our Sioux People,” tracing the U.S. government’s relationship with the tribe. She described a scene where delegates from the Pine Ridge reservation met with Mr. E. B. Merritt of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington, DC. Zitkala-Ša quoted: Read more…

a black and white image of a medicine wheel made out of white stones on a hillside

Plastic Shamans and Spiritual Hucksters: A History of Peddling and Protecting Native American Spirituality

In the late 20th century, white Americans flocked to New Age spirituality, collecting crystals, hugging trees, and finding their places in the great Medicine Wheel. Many didn’t realize – or didn’t care – that much of this spirituality was based on the spiritual faiths and practices of Native American tribes. Read more…

Forced Migration

Dr. Carson was wrong in his characterization of the American slave experience. On this episode of the History Buffs Podcast, Drs. Earls and Handley-Cousins discuss the force and violence of population transfers in both the Atlantic Slave Trade and the U.S. Indian Removal Act.